about me

So, you ask who I am?

Sagittarius, born over 30 years ago. A little dreamer (said to be typical for Sagittarius), starving for perfection (yet, too far from being perfect alone). Surely an optimist, easy-goer and romantic. Once on a seminar abroad I profiled myself as "TRAGICAL ROMANTIC". It can be true sometimes, but it's definitely not a rule. I surely like having people around me, am not afraid of new faces, actually quite the opposite - like to get to know new people. Spontaneous, funny dude, who is happy to be on this planet and have great parents. Laugh and double-meanings are quite typical for me, so be afraid of what I say, very afraid :-) No ego and no bullshit. And don't forget - I'm a heavy technoid...

So, you ask what I do for living?

It's roughly 20 years since marketing inspired me. I started in consumer marketing (over 7 years), but right now I'm on the other side - in advertising and marketing consultancy (14 years in a row). Having travelled the world extensively, lived for significant amount of time out of my home country - in Russian Federation, Hungary and now in the United States, I now Have close friends in different parts of the world with diffent language, values and religion makes me a global citized. I still consider myself Czech, but I am far from the Czech stereotypes. Being a good listener and excited conversationalist, I do like marketing as a true science of consumers as people, their believes, motivations, values and philosophies.

So, you asked why do I need to show off here?

My desire for new discoveries and passion for new technologies, communication and gadgets resulted in an idea to try my own web page back in 1998 already (remember, no cell phones, no social networking, no Google). First attempts with FrontPage were quite unsuccessful so I started learning HTML directly and thanks to Notepad.exe I managed it all quite easily. Thanks to that I even met someone who I spend a precious part of my live with. Today, the aim of this web isn't anything else other than to share everything interesting, inspiring, relevant or knowledgeable with my family, friends and virtual travelers living in all different places around this planed. Last, but not least, this is the place to share my photographs that some could find invigorating, stimulating or even inspiring. And in the Sports section I share a bit about my running, cycling and other sporting progress.

Radim Svoboda

I'm a marketer